Mast Step Fitting Procedure

Caution: Do not neglect the standard safety procedures – wear a harness and have a safety line attached.
It is recommended that the operation is carried out by two people whenever working up the mast!

Fitting Instructions:

  1. Measure section of mast requiring steps. The optimum distance between the steps is 375mm.There should be two opposite each other approximately
  2. 1200mm from the top of the mast.( No steps are required at the spreaders)
  3. Working upward, fit the steps on alternate sides of the mast, with 375mm space between steps, until the top position. This has steps on both sides.
  4. Tape a sheet of sandpaper over the marked position.
  5. Sand the saddle section of the step until it fits the curvature of the mast.
  6. Mark the rivet holes on the mast and check them.
  7. Drill holes taking care not to damage wiring, ropes halyards etc. inside the mast.
  8. Before riveting, insert step into the saddle, insert the rivets into the rivets holes and check that the steps fit snugly against the mast.
  9. Use blind 5mm monel or copper nickel rivets to suit the thickness of your mast, smeared with anti corrosion protection paste and rivet into place. (Length to
  10. be determined by the thickness of the mast)
  11. A In case of a Carbon mast is advised to use SS screws whereby the screws should be secured by means of Lock‐tite or a similar product.
  12. Check each step to ensure its secure.

If in doubt consult with a suitable professional.
It is recommended that a suitable professional fit the mast step!