Folding steps for easier & safer sail stowing or climbing the mast!



How many yachtsmen have struggled to reach the gooseneck, the highest reef point or the top of the sail cover by attempting to balance on a halyard, winch or something even smaller? Well now there’s a quick and simple solution for the risky and dangerous activity.

Glass nylon
injection moulding

Lightweight and UV resistant

Aerodynamic and snag free profile

No rattling in wind at anchor or at mooring

Each step individually tested at factory

Available in white, black and grey

The lightweight, rattlefree, aesthetic, strong and foldable Mast Steps. These Steps are easily unobtrusively fitted to the mast providing safe and secure footholds while climbing or working on the mast.

The “Mast Step” is a anufactured from a special combination of “nylon/glass fibre” which together with its design gives the step enormous strength. The save working load of the step is 140kg/310Lbs. The material is totally UV stabilized what makes the mast step UV resistant and prevents material degradation.

The steps weighs only 165 grams each (weight is alwas a consideration for products up a mast), and when folded does not snag ropes or sails due to the ‘snag-free’ design. At anchor or on a mooring the steps do not rattle in the wind and there is a choice of colours to match the mast – White, black and grey.

The steps are placed on opposite sides of the mast with a recommended spacing of 375mm and two opposite each other 1200mm down from the top of the mast for stable and safe working on sheaves, halyards and masthead instruments. Due to it’s construction and the materials used, it is easy to adjust the step to fit the radius of the mast. Simply tape a sheet of sandpaper on the position where the step is to be fitted, rub the saddle of the step up and down until the step snugly fit’s the mast curvature.

When using the steps to climb the mast, one simply unfolds the steps in front as one ascends folds them behind him as you descend the mast. The steps also provide a secure foothold but is always strongly recommended to use a harness with a safety line attatched.

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